Taiwan Tales by Nicolas Guérin

Photography / Nicolas Guérin
Model / Sheri Chiu

I think a part of me wanted to turn back time, if only momentarily. We were stuck in nowhere, yet the current was pulling us whether we liked it or not. Holding on was not an option, or an option that would eventually lead to destruction.

For me, returning to the origins meant finding serenity through nature. It wasn't evident at the time, but something within me was shifting. The cascades washed over the marble stones, metamorphosing the sediments underneath. The clouds gently rolled over the lush mountains. Everything was in constant motion. The hot springs breathed like a grouchy dragon, injected vivacity into the surrounding atmosphere. The fisherman boat lights glowed, and so did my heart.

As the night rolled in, I saw the very last drop of my life slip away from me. The lively colors that vibrated in my mind slowly dulled into a sweet hum and is now a foggy memory. I can't remember if you were really there or not, or if I simply dreamt it all. 


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