Dariia Day's Beauty Secret: Silk Pillowcase

Beauty expert Dariia Day is letting us in on her secret to better skin and healthier hair that goes beyond the creams and serums. Her travels to Asia have cultivated her interest in the luxurious fabric of silk, which she then decided to incorporate in her daily beauty routine. After extensively researching the highest quality of silk, the Polish makeup artist chose China as a source for her organic silk pillowcases. Designed in Paris and fabricated in Poland, these hypoallergenic and non-toxic pillowcases will promote firm and glowing skin, reducing wrinkles. Dariia also claims that silk is less absorbing than cotton, meaning that a silk pillowcase would assist in locking the moisture in your skin.

After sleeping on Dariia's pillowcase for one week, I've personally noticed less bedhead frizz in the morning. My hair retains more shine. I'm not sure if I can say my skin has improved in such a short amount of time, but I have never felt more like a sleeping beauty than on my Blush Pink pillow. The cool fabric against my cheek has made sleeping a lot more luxurious. This marks the exciting beginning of Dariia's journey into more than just beauty - but health and lifestyle as well. Thank you, Dariia, for giving me silky dreams. I can't wait to see what you envision next!

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