Nicolas Guérin shoots "The Meeting" for Fifty8 Magazine

Disclaimer: This editorial illustrates the fantastical vision of intimidating situations in the workplace. It is an exercise of “style” with the goal of showing a woman appreciating pleasure from violence without showing violence. Drawing from the 1950s aura, where women wore skirts, this editorial expresses the fantasy of that era. No women were harmed in the making of this narrative. Do not try this in the office without the consent of the woman.

Photography / Nicolas Guérin
Creative Direction / Lea BF
Production / Sheri Chiu
Styling / Yaya Moo
Makeup / Cyril Laine @ Lebigue One
Hair / Fred Teglia @ B Agency
Models / Lea @ New Madison Paris, Ben @ City, Jean @ Banana, Taka @ Rockmen
Photo Assistance / Alice Jacquemin
Retouch / Esteban Wautier


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