Lucid Sex Dreaming + Eros & Thanatos for 25th Century

Having done several photo shoots with Mise En Cage lingerie, I was no stranger to Zana Bayne's hand-crafted leather harnesses. In fact, Nico bought me my first choker collar for Christmas, which I then wore to the opening of the Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 film during New Year's. For me, dabbling in erotic lingerie and accessories was a celebration of sorts, a chance to conceal, reveal, and play. I was a little girl again but instead of playing with Barbies, I would have a leather whip. 

Consequently I discovered photographer/designer Todd Pendu's work. I then realized that not only do Todd and Zana work together, they are romantically involved. Watching another creative couple's collaboration struck a chord with me, since Nico and I are at the cusp of putting our two minds together for our own projects. 

Both Todd and Zana are incredibly sweet people. I had a fantastic time working with Todd three times now. The New York snow couldn't stop me the first time, neither could the rush of fashion shows in Paris. Each shoot has reflected Todd's generosity and kindness. 

Here are some photos we took for Todd's "Lucid Sex Dreaming." We also captured some images with my skeleton lover for an exclusive editorial "Eros & Thanatos" for 25th Century


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