"Whispers" by Marta Bevacqua for The Spoiler's Hand

Working on location is probably one of the things I cherish the most in photography. I've helped Nicolas when he captured fashion images on the Mongolian steppe or shot the Longines advertisement at the French horse tracks. However, as a model, I rarely get the chance to shoot outside. Creating nude images outdoors is not exactly the easiest task. 

That explains my excitement when Italian photographer Marta Bevacqua contacted me to shoot at Père Lachaise Cemetery. I had visited the cemetery once to throw roses on Jim Morrison's grave, but never took the time to walk around and fully appreciate the beauty of the space. There are so many nooks and crannies waiting to be explored. I love how Marta captured the lines and geometry of the architecture in our editorial. It was really easy to work with Marta thanks to her kindness and professionalism. I'm looking forward to collaborating with her again! 


Photographer: Marta Bevacqua
Stylist: Natalie Fadugba
Makeup Artist: Sylvie Mainville
Hair Stylist: Yumiko Hikage @ Lebigue One


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