Fixation Magazine #8

This was my first published story with my new haircut. Lensed by the wonderful Gary Breckheimer, with whom I've had the opportunity to work several times, this Fixation Magazine editorial was shot in the streets of New York City on a misty afternoon. Photographs were taken with Ilford's plastic disposable camera. 

It's always such a thrill collaborating with Gary because all his nude photos are taken in public spaces. This is normally what goes on during Gary's shoots: I hurry to take of my dress. We take a few snaps in a matter of seconds. Several pedestrians stop to take a look. I linger so they can take their look. A car passes by. I put on my dress. We either hop in a taxi if we want to cover several locations, or we step to the side to think about the next shot. 

For me, this editorial expresses that wherever I go, I will always be tied to New York. 


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