After being blocked for three consecutive months on Facebook, I understand very well that one of my so-called "friends" in the fashion industry detests when I post nude images in my portfolio, which is only viewable to a selected few. Silence has gripped me and silence has forced me to reflect on who I am and how I want to present myself to the world. Given the nature of my imagery and the various social media outlets at my disposal, I will be focusing on this blog as a platform to share creative projects. Facebook is simply not a tool for artistic individuals. 

I can understand what it means to be threatened by someone. On several occasions, I wanted to report other nude models' photos just because I felt pangs of jealousy when my photographer husband lensed their superior bodies. After quite a hissy fit, I took a moment to understand where this surprising reaction came from. Why would someone else's body bother me so much? It was neither insecurity in my relationship with Nico nor was it from disliking the model. This attitude stemmed from pure vanity, which is why one month ago, I said I would drastically minimize the modeling. Anonymously reporting another girl's photo would only make me a hypocrite and turn me into the abhorrent creature I was fighting against. 

That being said, I understand the notion of wanting to push someone down so that you can rise above her. I have been through a roller coaster of identity crises and it's taken me years to develop a healthy body image. I don't think I'm there yet. There are days I don't like my body but it doesn't affect me as much because I have accepted that the crease in my stomach (I call it a smile) is part of who I am, and no one is going to change that about me. 

It's one thing to act aimlessly just because you feel the urge to report me on Facebook. It's another to identify this weakness and dominate it. 

I will no longer be censored. I will no longer deny who I am and what I love to do. Creating art and recounting visual stories is something that cannot be taken away from me. 

Facebook is behind me. What lies ahead is this brand new blog, christened NAKIESHERI. It's the grownup version of my previous blog, Honey and Red Wine. My preliminary blog served as a reminder of how I should avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. "Do not put honey or red wine in the refrigerator." That blog lacked focus, and was reflective of who I was at the time. I was unfocused. 

Instead of addressing what shouldn't be done, I decided that I needed to take responsibility for who I am and start acting on what I want to accomplish in life. Change is here. I am the Fashion Magazine Editor who relishes in fine art photography and nude expressionism. I'm excited to take part in the fresh narratives Nico and I will create and I hope to share our adventures with you. 

Welcome to nakiesheri. 


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