Grainy memories

So focused on fashion photography, I have forgotten the beauty of art images. There are so many young, talented photographers out there who are not striving to be the next Steven Meisel, but perhaps the future Francesca Woodman. One such talent is Alison Scarpulla from New York. Her photographs transport us back to a long lost dream, skimming the parallels between reality and unknown worlds. She portrays death as hauntingly kind, a sweet reverie. There is no direct connection between the subject and us viewers, for faces are rarely seen in Scarpulla's photographs. Rather, we are observers in her psychedelic universe of hidden gestures and grainy memories. The more we look into her visions, the more we gather an understanding of the artist's mind... and before we know it, she has managed to lure us inside our own dark fantasies. This is perhaps where Scarpulla develops a connection with us. We are all the same, just swimming on the surface of beautiful fears. 



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