Occupy Wall Street

The universal social movement against corporate greed, corruption, and economic inequality started more than two months ago and has picked up speed just before the Thanksgiving holiday. The protesters' claims are definitely compelling as they refer to obvious flaws in the financial sectors in the government. How could the system allow for Bernard Madoff to conduct the largest financial fraud in history? Why is Congress involved within insider trading? Simply because people in positions of power have access to and know information that the general public does not. Disregarding morality or any sensibility towards social justice, the elite (as they have done for hundreds of years) continue to be gluttons and others remain starved. So when several protesters arrived at NYU's Stern School of Business to educate, they explained that professors must revamp their curriculum and teach business students to be more socially aware of how the students' decisions will affect those around them.

That being said, there are serious problems with the Occupy movement as well. It is sloppy, disorganized, and without a leader because people do not want to take the fall for whatever may or may not happen. While the protesters could be an opposition party to the Tea Party, the group lacks fundamental clear objectives. Through recent police retaliation, the Occupy Wall Streeters' message has been muddled in the heat of social fervor in additional to bias media portrayal.

Many protesters talk about President Barack Obama and his presidency like a spurned lover.

Protester: I gave him (Obama) everything and he just took it all away from me. I trusted him, I loved him, and he ended up disappointing me like all the other men in my life...

The protesters have been camping out in their tents in Zuccotti Park for over 60 days now. How will they translate the protests into political action? It is difficult for things to happen now, considering how the country is split right down the middle...

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, here are two fashion editorials I found that reflect what is going on in the world today. I weaved both stories into each other. Enjoy!

Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski 
GQ Japan and Flair Magazine



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