I've recently become a fan of designer Yohji Yamamoto's artistry. There's something special to be said about his minimalist, Japanese chic style and ability to create avant-garde ensembles through unconventional draping methods. Without a doubt, Yamamoto has a keen eye in creating new lines and asymmetrical shapes.

That being said...

I'm quite disappointed with his most recent Spring/Summer 2012 Collection that was featured in Paris. Normally his designs take my breath away, but this time around, the overall collection was lackluster for me. There was a combination of wool and heavy layering of fabrics which confused me, especially if this line is for springtime.

Whatever the case, I'm still in love with the Japanese man (that is unconditional love, after all). Yamamoto seemed to be in love this season too, as the show opened with a beautiful royal violet number, and ended with a white wedding dress.

My favorites from the show:



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