Hail to McQueen

Most Ready-to-Wear collections are flat out boring. Instead of being inspired by something, most designers create clothes for the consumer market so that their blase dress may stock the racks in Harrods or Bloomingdale's. Which is why I am always eager to see the latest innovations from Alexander McQueen's collection. The entire world understands what a legend the designer was. In McQueen's Spring/Summer 2012 line, his vision is dutifully carried out by Sarah Burton. Like underwater nymphs and goddesses, the models were adorned with algae-like textures that swayed as if swimming in the deep blue. I could almost imagine Nemo popping out of the bright orange sea anemone masterpiece, or the oil spill that absorbed one model. My mind was fully submerged in the aquatic fantasy as the final pieces of McQueen's collection were unearthed... gold floor length dresses and shimmering silver scaled gowns, fitting the body to an impeccable T. It's always an adventure with this design house, and the show definitely delivered the pirate treasure we all expected.



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