One month

Just one month until classes are over and summer begins.

Where does time go? 

Ever since I've returned from studying abroad in Prague, the semester has been one big blur. From school, to gym, to editing broadcast stories, to fashion show rehearsals, to photo shoots, to French lessons - everything has been so routine, so monotonous, that I don't take the time to relish the joy from these experiences I know I'll never get back. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to do or what I'm going to eat or who I'm going to see later. Every moment I live is in the future. 

But, no matter how exhausted I am at the end of the day, I love being busy. I know I'm going to miss it once I graduate in December, but I'm even more excited not knowing what I will do next. 

For now, I need to seize the day. Just how this girl is:

Model: Sheila Marquez
Photographer: Txema Yeste



  1. :) I like your optimism and congrats on graduating early! Sometimes I stop and think about that too--living every moment in the future--it's really weird to realize that almost everything we do in a day is for the future, like showering, getting ready, studying, making food...but I've had some lazy days where I've been a recluse and just laid in bed listening to music or watching shows. It feels so rebellious LOL

    It's so nice to see how happy you are in your busyness :) !!! (Motivates me too hahaha). You should visit me in Pallades when you come to gym ...I'm usually baking..but I would feel guilty for guilting you into having sweets right after your workout! LOL


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