Man was born free, but

It's the Year of the Rabbit.

The Chinese restaurant my dad and I went to was packed with grandparents and their Chinese American grand kids sporting Abercrombie sweaters. Everyone was eating noodles for longevity or sumptuous dishes of chicken and fish. Sometimes people don't eat the entire fish and store it overnight, hoping that there will be surpluses every year (年年有餘) - which sounds like "may there be fish every year."

In every tradition, there is meaning to a practice.

I think about what I do everyday, asking myself if I am doing anything meaningful. I wake up, I go to class, I eat, I shoot, I walk for school fashion shows, I write... but is that really something that affects people? Am I helping anyone? I don't feel like I'm contributing to the world in any significant way.

My dad asked me if I still have my suit for career fairs/job interviews. Just lining up with all the other gazillion college graduates dressed in black tie, hoping to survive and pay back their debts. It's so mechanic. Like Rousseau said, "Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains." Civilization has made us into robots. Let's return to the State of Nature. Let's be free. Let's shake off these chains and get naked.

I'd like to fuck the social order and drive down Route 66 with Nico by my side, Daisy behind me, Krysta and Sonia in the back seat, Tania in the detachable motor bike, and Ai in the trunk (she's tiny.) We'd live, create, and find some way to help strangers.

Oh how I'd love to be a hippie.



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