Fortune cookie

The day after I updated my blog with photos of Xiao Wen Ju (the adorable minx in the post below), I bumped into her on the street. I was so excited by the coincidence that I had this enormous goofy smile on my face.

She walked right past me.

Why wouldn't she? It's Fashion Week in NYC, and I've been bumping into models everywhere. Just yesterday I was on the same F train with the most beautiful male model I've ever seen. Tall, fit, blonde hair, angled jaw, pristine skin. I swear, they're like another species.

I met with Keith Major the other day so we could go over photoshoot concepts, and he told me how he disliked the standards of the modeling world. We discussed how there are so many types of beauty, but people really base their perceptions on what is outwardly beautiful from the pages of fashion magazines. Clothes hang better on a 5'9 girl than it does on a 5'4 girl - simple and straight.

By no means am I or will I ever be 5'9. Modeling for me is not a business. I am not going on castings everyday in hopes of booking a a $5,000 job. For me, it's much more about self expression and the desire to create a great and meaningful image. Kind of like painting, but utilizing the body as a brushstroke.

Maybe this blog is my painting of what could be. If it is any indication of what may happen in the future, I better write in this more often.

Obama will shake my hand.

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory will come up to me and say "Bazinga."

Giada will invite me to her house for dinner.

The talking Siberian husky will tell me "I rov woooo."

I will find what I'm looking for after college.



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