Recently, I've been wondering who I could have been in my previous lives.

After much thought and self reflection, here is the list I've compiled:

  1. The Last Emperor of China, Puyi. Ascending the throne at only three years old, he was born into royalty... then exiled. He supported the Japanese, then was captured by the Soviet army. Hard life, but look, he was cute.

2. A farmer, or a farmer's wife. A simple life of raising animals and harvesting crops.

3. A black woman from the South. I enjoy rib-sticking soul food and Mammy's bossy ways.

4. A beautiful blonde woman with everything she ever wanted, but still deeply unsatisfied.

5. A suburban housewife who enjoys cleaning dishes and doing laundry. Plus, she and her friends had such style.

6. A golden retriever puppy.



  1. this is so wonderful hahaha LOVE the suburban housewife picture lol


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