"In my work I rely on the assertion from the Book of Genesis: God created man in his own image. It's clear that he didn't create him clothed, for man is born naked. This is why I look on nakedness as the work of God, as beauty itself, as the most moral, obvious thing. I contend that mankind would be more natural, sincere and beautiful if it went around naked more often. With nakedness, social distinctions disappear and the naked beauty of man remains. In my work I am inspired by three things: decorativeness, motion and the stillness and expression of individual lines. I then use the background and props - simple objects such as circles, wavy lines and columns - accordingly. I let the beauty of the line itself make an impact, without embellishment, by suppressing everything that is secondary. Or I illustrate a motion and intensify it with light and perhaps a suggestion of a simple wavy line, circle, surface or just a shadow cast onto a backdrop. Or else I use the body as a decorative object, positionining it in various settings and lights. This is how I create all my pictures." - František Drtikol



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