What happens in a sauna stays on this blog

When Andrew told me he visited a fetish party in Berlin, scenes from Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut came to mind as he described what was required of him before entering the club, the leather attire that barely covered what really wanted to be exposed, and the astonishing acts people were committing. It sounded like some erotic fantasy, nothing that could be real.

Oh, but now I understand how real it could be.

The party in Montreuil was interesting in the sense that several of my friends from NYU came, those studying abroad in Prague and those studying in Florence. It was the first time I had my schoolmates come into contact with the people I know in Paris. Least to say I was anxious of what people from both parties would think of individuals from the other, if they would get along, if they would find common ground. As a friend, I really wanted everyone to feel comfortable with each other in a new environment. As a bystander, I now realize how different the worlds are. Different because of upbringing and backgrounds, different because people are currently in different stages of their lives, different because experiences are not the same. Seeing these groups come together was like seeing myself split into two. For the first time I saw myself living completely separate lives. One being the sheltered schoolgirl with a desire for new experiences and the other being an adventure with the dream of a comfortable, intimate life. It was odd to see how I myself may not be different, but my lives in New York (or Prague) and Paris have similar attributes but at the same time, are polar opposites.

And let's just say that after finding a diamond ring, a pair of socks, some boxer briefs, and five condom wrappers downstairs, what happens in the sauna, stays on this blog.



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