Cestovní pas

October 1 - 2: Karlovy Vary, Prague
October 8 - 10: Brussels and Bruges, Belgium
October 15: Terezin, Prague
October 21 - 31: Paris, France

It's incredible how quickly weeks fly by when studying abroad. As we all book our trips to various cities, we soon realize that weekends are limited. 11 days until fall break. Then 5 weekends after that, and we'll be returning to our own beds in our familiar homes. 

Treasure the time you are here. Go out and explore your city, find new things to do. You can always watch Sidereel.com, there will always be time to smoke a J, but when will you return to Prague or Munich or Venice or Morocco or Barcelona or Istanbul or Berlin or Ibiza or Copenhagen or Amsterdam?

Go. Find an adventure. Do something crazy.

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth and Heidi Klum's poppin' backside. 



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