What's Karlovy?

Ruby's hand is soft. She took her free shot and tried to board a bus with bar crawlers heading to Mecca, but was caught by the douchebag and had to get off the bus. I flashed those Belgian boys a little something something as they drove away.

Natalie had a difficult time deciding which sausage to eat. I mean, it's completely understandable, considering there's the dark sausage in a bun, dark sausage without the bun, white sausage in a bun, white sausage without the bun. She taught me how to drink a tequila shot by licking the salt off the back of my hand. After going out with her last night, I conclude that this girl is an alcoholic and I'm kind of in love with her.

I really wish Andrew would have danced with striped-shirt-dark-hair-salsa-dancer-super-super-cute-guy. Next time?

Munich next week. Paris the week after that.

I keep forgetting I'm in Prague to study.



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