Sun-kissed skin

I'm currently listening to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" from Billboard's Hot 100. I've been so out of the mainstream music scene ever since my iPhone was stolen that I've resorted to browsing not only, but iTune's 100 Most Downloaded Songs as well. Tania has been educating me on the music that I hear in bars and clubs, but don't recognize. Ai, Tiff, and Daisy have been sharing electronic and house with me. Honestly, when I go to concerts, I haven't heard of the DJ's music before that show night. For me, it's just a good opportunity to roll and rub Johnson's baby lotion over my hands and hypnotically shake my head because I feel music in my bones.

I don't know a lot of things. Things from our current generation's culture and from generations past.

I'm also not very street smart.

After lying in the Ibiza sun for 6 days, even with SPF 50+, my skin has become so sun-kissed that I am now a person of another ethnicity. Walking around the streets and metro stations of Prague has been a little daunting, considering that most people stare at someone different from them. I initially thought they stared because they confused me for a Romani gypsy, but at Chapeau Rouge, a drunk guy with a clearly visible cold sore (I believe he had herpes, and not the kind that everyone has) told me that I looked unusual because most Asians are ugly.

I didn't know how severe the racism is between Europeans and the Romani people. My first experience with them was under the Eiffel Tower a couple months ago, when several women extended their hands asking for spare change. This was all I knew, until a few days ago when a group of them extended their hands into my purse.

I was completely unaware and unprepared for what happened. Ai and I were riding up the escalator at the Staromestska metro station when a band of them, two young girls, one older woman, and an older man stood next to us. They were making high pitch laughs, clicking their tongues, and smacking their lips together. When I got to the top of the escalator, I noticed my purse was unzipped with my wallet missing. We all tried to chase them as they were running out of the station, but a bus stopped overhead and the gypsies boarded it.

So I initially created this blog to remind me what not to do (don't put honey in the fridge, don't put red wine in the fridge). And here's another thing to add to the list: Don't leave your bag out of sight and wear it so that the zippers are facing your body when closed. Put money in your pockets. Or better yet, wear your bag around your crotch so if someone is grabbing it, you're at least aware if they are reaching for your cash or if they're searching for a good time.



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