Here's some Mucinex. Did you steal some more toilet paper?

Tania banana insisted I update my blog with a post about her. She's so conceited.

But really, she's the ideal roommate because she's clean and organized, puts up with my need to try everything new (finding new Czech restaurants and searching for Petrin Tower after two failed attempts), educates me on art (Mucha) and music (Did you know Tupac died?) and cinema (Wong Kar Wai), and most importantly, she wrote a little sticky note expressing her undying love for me and posted it on the bulletin board near the dorm entrance. She's open to meeting my friends and she thinks her radio class is cool. Tania also has an adorable dog named Corky who has a toy parrot. We are both dog lovers and fried cheese enthusiasts.

On top of that, she's sweet, considerate, and puts up with my... "moments."

Take your Mucinex, Tania, and please wear a face mask to sleep. I don't want to catch your germs. But other than that, you're pretty darn cool.



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