Back in the unknown

Just landed in JFK a few hours ago. The airline's feature presentation was How to Train Your Dragon, and I wanted to take a break from reading Vladimir Nabokov and skimming fashion editorials from international editions of Vogue. The earphone jack had two metallic prongs, but my seat's arm rest only had one. The next best thing was sleep, and that is what I did.

I tried to ignore the hole in my heart.

When I hopped into a yellow cab and told the driver my address, he immediately sped off onto the highway. Every window was open and my eyes hurt as my hair slapped against my face. The air was heavy and moist. It was 10:47PM and everything looked the same. The city's skyline still looked like stars across the river. Chinatown still smelled bad. And my father still acts as if there is something poison in me.

Welcome home, dear.

I miss doing nothing and living everything in Paris. I have to prepare myself for studying abroad in Prague next week, and I have to create another to-do list that doesn't involve very fun things like adopting a baby cat or visiting the Louvre or having sex. This new list includes updating my resume and rebooting my computer and writing another email to NYU's Operations of Student Activities to sign a check they owe me.

The truth is I've had so much fun, so much love, so many smiles the past month that I'm kind of dreading this coming week.

So let me share the good times with you. Here are some photos from a little holiday in Ibiza. Blue skies, unbelievably clear seawater, and a whole lot of sunshine.



  1. ! it looks like you had so much fun :) wonderful memories to keep will make the dreary new list easy to conquer :D


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