Last week, two women came into French Connection looking to shop. One brought her daughter.

The woman with the daughter asked, "Where are we?"

I replied, "You're in French Connection and we're having a great sale..."

The daughter smiled at me with her braces and walked alongside the two women. One asked me to show her the sale and extended her hand. I held her hand and led her to the nearest display, from which she took a dress in both her hands and traced up and down the fabric. She asked me to describe the dress to her. I told her it was turquoise with a black trim around the heart of the neckline, as well as under the bust. I told her the garment was form fitted and that it was perfect for the summer. She felt the dress and said, "Oh, this is so beautiful..."

She asked me to help her find a gray cardigan with gold buttons. I spent a couple of minutes checking the computer to see if we had the item downstairs in the stock room, only to hear the woman say, "I think I found it." I looked up from the computer. With her finger, she was tracing the gold buttons.

After twenty minutes of guiding the women around the store and describing the clothing, I showed them to the fitting rooms from where they tried on their selected apparel.

In her room, one woman said, "Oh I don't like how I look in this."

The other responded, "Let me see!"

And so both women exited their fitting rooms and began to trace their hands over each other's breasts, waists, and hips. One felt the seams on another's dress, and said, "This is very vintage." And she was right; the style was reminiscent of another time.

They didn't buy anything, but it was very different experience to help these women search for clothes with clouds in their eyes.

To see with your hands.

New research has shown that when it comes to communicating, your hands can accomplish more than words. In a study at DePauw, volunteers were asked to communicate a list of emotions by briefly touching a blindfolded stranger. It worked. They were able to convey anger, fear, love, gratitude, sympathy, disgust, and sadness with up to 78 percent accuracy.

I've seen cities. You know, the prime locations for social disconnection and lack of human interaction. There's this tension, this angst among people, especially in New York. Everyone wants to mind their own business, and everyone would rather stalk a friend on Facebook anonymously without having to schedule an actual get together.

We need to touch each other more. Hug your mother, embrace your girlfriend, caress your boyfriend, high-five a friend, hold your grandma's hand, pat your German shepherd...

And we should all go ahead and touch ourselves while we're at it.



  1. this is so touching. I feel like relationships and people should be..savored..more than they really are nowadays especially.


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