Variety pack

Once I get hooked on something, whether it be Vitamin Water or chewing gum, I have this desire to taste every flavor possible. I've tried all the flavors of Vitamin Water (from black cherry-lime to XXX) and every cookie from Pepperidge Farm. I've loved every Snyder's of Hanover flavor-packed bite size pretzel and read almost every fact underneath a Snapple cap. I even go as far as to surf the company's website to discover new varieties. It's a strange tendency, this yearn to taste anything and everything new. I feel like I haven't fully experienced anything until I try everything the world has to offer. I feel like I might be missing out on something great.

But maybe once I get tired of chasing new flavors or when I realize I don't need new flavors to make me happy, I'll find that one irresistible combination that I keep coming back for.

In the mean time, my new craze is Arizona iced tea for 99 cents. Today is iced tea with cranberry juice. Maybe tomorrow will be black & white tea. And maybe the day after that, I'll find what I'm looking for.



  1. wouldnt it be so wonderful if we had all the time in the world to try everything of everything! Like every different kind of chocolate or honey or cheese to ever exist. hehhe me loves this post


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