A lot has happened within the past six months that has encouraged me to start writing again, something I haven't done for myself in a very long time. So as I take my blog's virginity and penetrate into the world again, I hope to find new meaning through my thoughts.

Today was my first day as an intern at Lucky Magazine. Entering the Conde Nast Building, home to Vogue, W, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, was something all on its own. It's definitely somewhere I see myself in the future...

On the sixth floor of Conde Nast, my supervisor sits 10 feet away from me. Instead of communicating with me directly, she writes my duties for the day in an email, with detailed instructions, and an example/scenario illustrating how to perform the task. I spent eight hours flipping through old issues of Lucky and gathering statistics on freebies and giveaways that occurred during the past three years. (Did you know that in April 2010, Lucky gave away over $450,000 of STUFF ie. beauty products, clothes, free trips to Paris (yes, please)?) I haven't truly exercised my muscles for arithmetic in two years, so the task took me a while.

My supervisor then emailed me, telling me I could take my lunch break.

As I finished inputting the last statistic onto the Excel spreadsheet, she emailed me once again, saying I was done for the day and could leave.

She sits 10 feet away from me.

In other news, Nicolas was on the radio today for France Culture, discussing cinema! I didn't understand a word of it, but his voice was sexy and I imagined him naked.

My brother is on a plane from Taiwan, arriving in Newark tonight. I haven't seen him in one year and I'm really excited to be with him again. We share one of those relationships in which we're super close when physically together, but completely mute when separated.

So my take out has arrived, and I must go.


  1. im glad you are writing, both professionally and casually (this blog)


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