I like the way the insides of my cheeks taste

My desk in the Lucky office.
Although I'm not writing for the magazine, I'm thrilled to be involved in fashion journalism. No matter how minute the task is, I'm eager to perform it well. Draft "thank you" letters to companies involved in product giveaways? I'll make sure every person contacted feels special in the generic "thank you" template I'm required to use. Make 10 copies of the contracts with Chanel, Armani Exchange, Yves Saint Laurent, and March Jacobs? I'll make the 10 best copies you've ever seen. If the corner of the copied paper is crumpled, I'll send the contract through the machine one more time. Organize shoes in the fashion closet? I'll do it by color, size, and cross reference it with the designer's name, all in alphabetic order.
Okay the last part was a lie, but it's fun being a part of something I love.
I usually overhear discussion on editorial layouts and what to include in the magazine, and it's an instant throwback to high school newspaper meetings. At Lucky, creative ideas regarding "the new casual chic" are hashed out, writers build on other writers' thoughts, an editor enters the room in a bikini, it's all bureaucratic, really.
In other news, I returned from my hiatus at French Connection today. Management has completely changed, sales associates have left (or were relieved?), the store was an outlet store in the spring but now sells full priced items again... retail is quite a roller coaster. I used to be the sales associate who would compliment your beautifully designed t-shirt (great style you have!), hoping you'd buy something to gimme gimme gimme commission. It worked pretty well in the past, considering I received around $500 French Connection gift certificates for my work. Maybe instead of being fake this time around, I'll try being sincere.


  1. Hello :)! I didn't know you had a blog but I just saw today!! I love your writing and it's so amazing that you're at somewhere you really love! it all sounds so fantastical :D we should meet up some day for lunch or something!


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